“The Band” Missional Community

On Tuesday nights we have a Missional Community that gathers at the home of Brennan Simmons at 6:30pm.  We usually get together and play some music together.  We then will go out for Taco Tuesday at Hell’s Kitchen.  We are just at the beginning stages of starting this Missional Community.  If you are interested in music we would love to talk with you about ways to get involved.

If you would like to be a part of this feel free to email Brennan Simmons at brennansimmons001@gmail.com or call him at 910.409.8930

The Missional Community has a five week pattern that is as follows:

(1) A fun time together as a community (all of us need to have more fun!).

(2) Conversational teaching in preparation for our next mission.

(3) Break-up into smaller groups to go deeper in the teaching from the week before.

(4) Participate in the mission together.

(5) Gather together to hear about how each individual was touched by God in the missional experience.