Have you thought about observing Lent this year? The six-week lead up to Easter Sunday begins this week on Wednesday, February 14th, the day known as “Ash Wednesday”. I’ve always been mindful of the season of Lent. At my church it is a tradition to omit the “Alleluia’s” from the worship service, sing in minor keys and observe a lot of silence. All this for me makes Easter Sunday all the more special, exciting and meaningful.

But could I do more this Lenten season? I’ve never really focused on any kind of sacrifice, prayer or service during Lent. I have many friends that will give up chocolate, some other kind of food or skip certain meals. They might read scripture daily or perhaps participate in a Bible study. Some will devote time for daily prayer or random acts of kindness. All of these acts are intentional and in remembrance of the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

So now at the young age of 55, I’m thinking twice about how I can reflect and serve during Lent this year. I hear God telling me to be quiet. I hear God telling me to reflect, meditate, wait and listen. I hear soft acoustic guitar music in my head. Now I know most of you are saying how can the “loudest woman in the world” be quiet? Well, I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do have a brand new dry erase board to write things down on to remind me to be reverent.

Dear God, help me to observe Lent this season. Help me to listen to Your still small voice. Help me to sacrifice, pray and serve on a daily basis. Remind me to listen and be quiet, all in the name of Jesus. Amen.