Covenant Groups

What is a covenant group at The Anchor?

1 – A place to directly disciple your current or future leaders in mission and discipleship.
2 – A place to give and receive encouragement and accountability.triangle-discipleship
3 – Made up of a group of 4 to 10 people.
4 – Regular and consistent in its rhythm of meeting.
5 – Led by a covenant group leader.
6 – Dependent on openness and honesty within the life of the covenant group.
7 – Helping people answer two questions each time they meet:
a – What is God saying to me?
b – What am I going to do about it?
8 – For a season only, not forever.  We tend to ask people to commit for a year at a time.
9 – Measured by growth in maturity and fruitfulness picture11of members.
10 – Something that multiplies over time, as members eventually start their own covenant group.
11 – Something that we carve out our schedules for – start on time and end on time.

No one creates a discipling culture, modeled on the life and ministry of Jesus, by accident.
-this is not a small group where everyone shares their opinions – this is where we build
convictions about what we believe about the person and work of Jesus Christ and how he
is continuing to be at work in the world through the church.