This coming Sunday we will be gathering for worship at 9am at Temple of Israel (1 S. 4th Street – downtown Wilmington).  We will be wrapping up our time in Luke 10.1-12.  In this passage Jesus commissions his disciples to go ahead of him to towns & villages he intended to go —— and they were to go bearing a message.  This message was for those who welcomed the disciples and those who did not welcome his disciples.  It was a message that they shared straight from the master’s mouth: “the kingdom of God has come near to you.”  This was embodied in the disciples and their words were effective and invasive.  It is worth noting that if the townspeople did not welcome the disciples, then the disciples also said the above words, but now it was a word of rebuke and damnation (Luke 10.11-12).  Let us gather together and celebrate the kingdom of God coming near as we gaze upon the manger throne.