This coming Sunday we will be gathering for worship at 9am on “The Barge”.  We will be shifting our focus from Luke 15 to Luke 22.35.  Jesus talks with his disciples and reminisces about sending them out two-by-two.  Remember that he sent them out without shoes, without money, without a bag, and without food (Luke 10.1-12).  Jesus asked his disciples in Luke 22.35 if they had any need?  They answered by saying: “No, not a thing.”  Juxtapose that with what the experience is of the youngest son who squandered the inheritance on riotous living (Luke 15.11-32).  When you look at these two stories you can see that the prodigal son found himself in need —– even though he had vast wealth when he arrived in the foreign land —– and the disciples had no need —— even though they went with nothing.  As you can see there is much to look at when we put these two passages in conversation with each other.  We look forward to the next part of our journey looking at how we choose to be people of peace.