Sunday Worship

00fckw6tAt The Anchor, we gather for worship on Sunday mornings at 9am at Temple of Israel Synagogue in their fellowship hall (1 S. 4th Street).  This is at the corner of 4th Street & Market Street in downtown Wilmington, NC.  All are welcome to join us.  We have a very relaxed atmosphere, where we always hear from God’s word and respond with faith.  Feel free to come as you are.  Temple of Israel has been very kind to allow us to use their fellowship hall.  This synagogue is the oldest synagogue in North Carolina.  It’s location is 1 S. 4th Street.  Street parking in downtown Wilmington is free on Sundays and there is even parking across Market Street at the bank.  During the summer months we gather on “The Barge”, but this winter we are gathering in the synagogue.