This coming Sunday we will be gathering for worship at 9am at Temple of Israel (1 S. 4th Street – downtown Wilmington).  We will be focusing our time on Ephesians 1.1-4.  We are beginning our study of the book of Ephesians.  We will be sticking with this letter for the next four months.  Here at the beginning of the Apostle Paul’s letter we learn that God is the one who does the choosing of us —– rather then us choosing God.  But this choosing by the Lord is not so that we are guaranteed a place in heaven, instead it is so that we will live holy and blameless before God in love.  This love is found in Jesus Christ, for it is a love that is self-giving and self-sacrificial.  This love is our calling for God’s grace has beckoned us to be about the work of participating with the Holy Spirit.  We would encourage all of you to read through Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus with us.  This will be our chance to see what the Lord has to say to us and respond by living holy and blameless lives.