This coming Sunday we will be gathering for worship at Temple of Israel (1 S. 4th Street – downtown Wilmington) at 9am.  We will be focusing our time on Luke 10.1-12.  In this passage Jesus explains to his disciples that if they are not welcomed in the towns that he commissions them to go, then judgment will come upon them.  Actually, the judgment that will come upon them will be worse then what happened to Sodom (Genesis 19.24-26).  It is worth noting how important welcome is in our understanding of Christ’s call to be a city of welcome here in Wilmington.  This has an eschatological significance, for Jesus says that we will be judged for not being a city of welcome.  There will be a judgment and we will be judged for being a city of welcome.  Let’s gather together and learn more about what it means to be a people of welcome.