Anchor Down – Missional Community

community on mission 9.3.13On Wednesday nights we have a Missional Community that gathers at the home of Philip & DeAnne Chryst from 6pm-8pm.  We have a meal together, there is some teaching, and we participate in helping Interfaith Refugee Ministry.  This is a ministry that helps settle people that have fled their mother country to find refuge in the United States.  Many of the refugees come from Myanmar (previously known as Burma) — a country that has experienced many atrocities — and through the State Department they come to the United States to start afresh.  Many come with just a few sets of clothes and know very little English.  We help teach conversational English and help gather furniture donations.  These furniture donations then help the refugees when they come to settle in Wilmington.

If you would like to be a part of this feel free to email Philip Chryst at or call him at 910.524.5676.

The Missional Community has a five week pattern that is as follows:

(1) A fun time together as a community (all of us need to have more fun!).

(2) Conversational teaching in preparation for our next mission.

(3) Break-up into smaller groups to go deeper in the teaching from the week before.

(4) Participate in the mission together.

(5) Gather together to hear about how each individual was touched by God in the missional experience.